Rebels in Review: Brothers of the Broken Horn

The past two episodes of Rebels showed us a remarkably mature Ezra. Brothers of the Broken Horn takes a step back to show us he’s not perfect.

Leave it to Ezra

The episode opens with Ezra training under Rex’s guidance. Kanan shows up to remind Ezra he has Jedi training to tend to, as well. The multitude of responsibilities clearly bother Ezra, to the point that he asks, “What if I don’t want to be either [a Jedi or a soldier]?” When Hera sends the rest of the rebels out to search for power generators, Ezra is ordered to stay behind and scrub the Phantom of “ion scoring” he’s neglected twice. Rather than doing his chores, Ezra responds to the distress call of the Broken Horn, a ship of known acquaintance and criminal Cikatro Vizago. What follows is a fun, little criminal romp involving three of the greatest scoundrels in Star Wars animated history: Hondo Ohnaka, Azmorigan, and Vizago. Watching the betrayals and counter-betrayals play out in rapid succession makes for a fun episode.

Fundamentally, this is a story about Ezra finding himself and coming to terms with his place in the galaxy. He ventures from unhappiness to acceptance. He hasn’t resolved his major issue – the conflict between the expectations of Rex and Kanan – but he realizes that his place is with the crew of the Ghost.

If I have a major criticism of the episode, it’s with how neatly it ties everything together with a bow. The lesson at the end is a little too tidy for my taste. It comes off a little too much like Leave it to Beaver. However, there is a lot to like in this episode. Fans of Hondo will love him in Rebels – he’s absolutely just as much of a scoundrel as he was in The Clone Wars. Jim Cummings ages up Hondo quite a bit. He sounds more ragged and tired. We can hear how he’s been through hard times. James Hong is a delight as Azmorigan. The gleeful cruelty and petty vindictiveness makes him an excellent Star Wars baddie.

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