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Have you seen the Game Geeks RPG YouTube show? They’ve done a lot of reviews of games over about a decade. It’s not surprising that they reviewed Firefly, given the popularity of the setting, but I was surprised that Kurt Wiegel reads out two passages from the book as examples of cool material – both of which are Distinctions that I wrote.

Game Geeks are right in their description of Distinctions. They aren’t feats and are closer to aspects in Fate. Yet they’re a bit more. I like to think of them as aspects with stunts attached to them.

Around the 5:00 mark Kurt starts talking about Distinctions and reads out the flavor text, “Ain’t everybody in the ’Verse keen on civilization. You and yours lead hard, free lives on your own.” I squeed at work. Audibly. Like, loud enough to get funny looks from the other IT guys.

From there he gets into the basics of the system. I’d disagree with him as to the death spiral; Firefly actually has a lot of mechanics that empower the players and allow them to handle complications pretty handily. He gives big props to the episode guide, something that was a big gamble in the book design. Happy to see that well received.

The coolest bit happens around 9:20 when he starts talking about how much he likes Distinctions in the game and he goes on to talk about one of the weirdest Distinctions I wrote: Brain Leech.

Being a professional writer is still new enough to me that this sort of thing gets me all excited and more than a bit embarrassed. Still, I’m proud of my work on Firefly and it’s great to see other people enjoy it, too. Thanks, Kurt! I hope to give you fodder for many more reviews in the future.

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