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On twitter I got into a discussion about the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels. The conversation started about how Ghost would be represented in X-Wing Miniatures but quickly turned into me defending my hypothesis that Ghost has a cloaking device of some sort. It may not be true cloaking device of the type we saw in Cat and Mouse (Clone Wars, episode 2.16) or featured on the TIE Phantom.

Ghost is Hera's ship but has become the home for the entire crew of Rebels.

My argument comes from two primary sources: A New Dawn and episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

The Ghost makes its first appearance in A New Dawn, along with its owner Hera Syndulla, covertly observing the heavily trafficked shipping lanes between Gorse and its moon Cynda. The key word is covertly. “The green-skinned Twi’lek in her stealth-rigged starship…” A New Dawn advanced reader’s edition, pg. 22. We are led to believe that no one notices the Ghost despite there being literally hundreds of ships in the area, one of them being an Imperial Star Destroyer. The next page describes Hera copying the transponder code of a freighter in the space lanes, which is pretty cool. I can’t find them but I think there are a few more sly references to Ghost’s ability to avoid detection.

The other information comes from Rebels. In the Rebels pilot A Spark of Rebellion, the Ghost is able to fly up to an Imperial Star Destroyer and enter one of its hangars before it is detected. That’s not just a transponder being switched. There’s some sort of active stealth technology at play. I don’t believe it’s a sensor jammer because we’ve seen in Return of the Jedi that jamming signals can be detected. Throughout the show there are hints that the Ghost is special and has some superior capabilities. They’re very coy about it so I think there’s some sort of reveal that’s being led up to.

At any rate, I think there’s going to be a reveal on Rebels at some point that the Ghost has a cloaking or stealth device beyond normal capabilities. And it should be awesome.

Ghost in X-Wing

The Ghost is unique in that it has a small shuttle craft, named the Phantom, docked to it most times. Granted, it’s about a third larger than the Millennium Falcon so there’s space for a shuttle. It would be great to see that represented in X-Wing miniatures. Two models in the package: a Ghost and a shuttle. The Ghost would have Hera as the elite named pilot at either pilot skill 8 or 9.  The shuttle would feature Kanan with a pilot skill of 7. Both ships would have the usual complement of other pilots. We could get Chopper, Sabine, Zeb, and Ezra crew cards.


The Ghost has a turret but its heavy guns are in the forward and rear arcs. I see that as 3 attack in those two arcs with a turret upgrade slot. It’s not the most maneuverable ship so let’s call it 1 agility. 7 hull and 5 shields would round things out. Give the ship the focus and target lock actions. It’s got two crew slots and a systems upgrade. The Ghost title for the ship would add the cloak action to the toolbar and run 5 or 6 points. The base ship would be expensive, maybe 34 points for a 1 or 2 pilot skill pilot.

The Phantom would be a small-base ship with 3 attack, 2 agility, 2 hull, and 2 shields. Start it at 15 points for the base model since it’s somewhere between an X-Wing and a Z-95. Things change with the action bar and upgrade slots. The shuttle gets the focus and barrel roll actions with crew and turret upgrade slots (don’t look at me, StarWars.com says it has a turret!). Maybe have the Phantom title give it the cannon upgrade since there are some ludicrously large guns on that bad boy.

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