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Wow, was it really months ago that I ran the supervillain contest? That was rhetorical. Smart-ass answers can be kept in the peanut gallery. We voted on the submissions and this was the winning entry. The players in the game liked it because it had a lot of classic archvillain tropes. Max Ace’s player actually described it as, “Iron Monger meets Lex Luthor.”

Personally, as the Watcher who got to write up this villain, I had a fantastic time coming up with cool things for his powers.

The Chosen (Bruce Victor)

Who is your villain’s arch nemesis?

Max Ace

What is your villain’s origin story?

Bruce Victor was a brilliant young engineering student at Empire State University who built and raced high performance vehicles to pay for his tuition. His life took a tragic turn when Galactus attacked. The Fantastic Four defeated Galactus that day but the damage to the city was tremendous. A piece of Galactus’ ship fell to the earth and bounced through the crowd assembled along the Hudson to watch the titanic battle. The debris flashed when it landed on another young man ahead of Bruce, an image that was burned into his memory. The alien debris tumbled on and crushed Bruce’s legs, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

As Bruce sat in the hospital recovering from the accident news reports began circulating of a man with incredible powers. The face of the man crushed by the debris had haunted Bruce’s dreams for weeks and now that man was a superhero. Something in Bruce changed that day. His life of promise turned dark. Hatred infected his soul and warped his mind. The power that Max Ace now possessed had been meant for Bruce Victor, he was The Chosen. Lying broken in a hospital bed he vowed to have the power that was rightfully his even if he had to take it from Max Ace’s shattered body.

What powers, abilities, or technology does your villain have?

Using his vast intellect, The Chosen constructed an exosuit that not only allowed him to walk again but was also a mobile weapons platform of devastating power. It allows him to fly, fire beams of energy, absorb cosmic energy and provides him with superhuman strength. The suit itself is durable but more impressively it is outfitted with an energy shield that is nearly impervious to most damage.

The Chosen studied Max Ace and investigated the sites of his heroics. He discovered that Max Ace’s powers emitted a form of radiation previously unknown to science. His suit includes a number of devices to counter and drain this energy. He plans to drain the cosmic energy from Max Ace and leave him a crippled husk.

What is your villain’s greatest weakness?

The Chosen is fueled by his unreasoning hatred of Max Ace. He suffers the delusion that the cosmic powers belong to him and him alone. When faced with the object of his hatred he falls into blind rage and loses whatever calm he may possess. Hatred and arrogance have the potential to undermine everything he does.

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