Original Character Shadow Boxer

Shadow Boxer – Rune Augustin

Rune Augustin was a normal man, a martial arts enthusiast and working class computer programmer, until he stumbled across an ancient amulet while cleaning his father’s attic. The amulet had been passed down through the Augustin family for generations though they believed it to be cursed. Rune’s father never believed in the curse and put it in the attic with his own father’s effects when Rune was just a boy. The amulet passed to Rune who knew nothing about it and put it on. He discovered that the amulet created a shadowy form of hands that he could control through a combination of mental focus and physical movements. Initially the hands could only appear within a few feet of Rune but he soon discovered ways to push them further away from him – thus increasing the size and strength of the shadow hands.

While the hands are not attached to him, Rune is able to maintain some sort of link that allows him to swing from place to place as if he had incredibly long arms. He doesn’t fully understand his powers but has eagerly put them to the test. Misfortune has visited Rune in the past few months. His early adventures interfered with his work life and he lost his job. His girlfriend dumped him soon after and several people were injured as a result of his attempted heroics. No matter how hard he tries, things never go his way.

Affiliation: Solo D8 – Buddy D10 – Team D6

Distinctions: Hardluck Hero – Kung Fu Competitor – Inherited Responsibility

Superhuman Strength D10 – Stretching D10 – Swinging D8
SFX. Enormous Hands – Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when when inflicting a grappling complication on a target.
SFX. Sweeping Palms – Target multiple enemies. Add a D6 and keep an extra effect die for each additional target.
Limit. Growing Dread – Both 1 and 2 on your dice count as opportunities when using a SHADOWFORCE FISTS power.
Limit. Amulet – Shutdown SHADOWFORCE FISTS and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the Doom Pool to recover.

Science Expert D8, Tech Expert D8

Milestone: Mystical Guardian
1xp when you must hide the source of your power.
3xp when you put yourself in jeopardy to protect the secrets of the amulet.
10xp when you defeat dark forces seeking your power or you put aside the amulet to keep it safe.

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