It’s been quiet.

I didn’t mean to take a week off from the blog, but as some of the folks on twitter can tell you it’s been a bit of a crazy week. I worked long days Monday through Wednesday, did a walkthrough of an apartment on Tuesday, all the paperwork on Wednesday (why are there so many hoops? We just want to sublet for a month!), went to a concert on Thursday, then to C2E2 on Friday before my regular weekly game, and yesterday was my fraternity’s Founder’s Day celebration. Whew.

In gaming related news, I got to briefly meet Cam Banks at C2E2. He recognized the name PK Sullivan when he signed my book, so that was actually pretty exciting for me. Once I had the physical book in hand, I wound up running Breakout that night. It was my second time running Breakout and I’m beginning to figure out some of the intricacies of the game. First and foremost, I need to push harder with challenges. There was a great discussion on the MWP forums about darkness in The Raft and how to represent it. It seems pretty obvious now that it should be a complication I’m rolling against heroes without enhanced senses. That probably would have made Spider-Man’s fight against Carnage a bit more even.

Secondly, I roll like crap. Even when I was matching the players die for die or rolling more dice (mostly D8s and D10s) they’d still wind up with higher totals. I don’t think I’ve successfully managed to land a hit more than once in two sessions.

Lastly, Marvel is incredibly easy to teach to people and it brings out role playing in them. We had a guest for our game this Friday, one of my fraternity brothers and old gaming buddies who was in town for Founder’s Day. He chose Human Torch and played him pitch perfectly. The best was when he was fishing for XP by playing up Johnny’s personality. In the introduction scenes, Johnny was on a date with a Russian supermodel. Electro hits The Raft with his EMP, the city goes dark, and I ask, “What do you do?” His response, “I order a bottle of good white wine before it gets warm and tell my date not to worry. New York is full of superheroes.” Once the inmates of The Raft had been dealt with, he tried turning on the charm when getting grilled by SHIELD Director Maria Hill. She had him slapped in power-dampening cuffs. He responded by building a dice pool, “Hey, did you know that Reed helped design these things? Yeah, he showed me a trick to ‘em,” and rolled against the Doom Pool, handily beating it and tossing the cuffs back at her with a snarky innuendo.

We’ve got our apartment situation figured out for May (yay! We won’t be homeless!) and it’s worked out in a way that I can actually go to Jank on Demand next Saturday. I’m looking forward to that quite a bit and hope to play Todd’s dark fantasy hack of Apocalypse World. The similarities and differences between my rough concept of Grim Wolrd and his dark fantasy hack will be fascinating. The game should also give me plenty of ideas for the game. I also find it hilarious that I’ll be playing two Apocalypse World hacks before I ever play the original game.

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