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Things have been kind of chaotic around here lately. There’s some uncertainty about when/where we will be moving but it’s starting to take shape. Anyway, if things are a bit scarce on the site until June, it’s because I’ve got real life stuff to sort out. Here’s to not being homeless!

I hope people have been enjoying the Mass Effect stuff I’ve been posting. It’s been a lot of fun writing it. I’ll try to get the next act up tomorrow. My biggest hope would be to actually play the game sometime. I think I need a third gaming group…

Other than Mass Effect, I’ve obviously been thinking about Dungeon World and Apocalypse World lately. Dungeon World does some pretty cool things that I’m impressed with. Actually reading Apocalypse World and seeing those ideas in their original form really solidified some cool concepts. Turns out that someone else (Todd from the Jank Cast) had an idea for a dark fantasy hack of Apocalypse World. He’ll be running it at Jank on Demand in two weeks. I should really make an effort to get in on that. Hopefully the moving schedule will allow it.

The last idea that I’ve been kicking about is for a game that combines deck building (like Ascension, Thunderstone, and the father of them all: Dominion) with role playing games. The main concetp is that it could be played as a cooperative adventure game, players can add role playing to it if they wish. I’m a sucker for fantasy so that’s the basic genre I’ve got going right now.

Players would each control a different character class. I have ideas for the mechanics behind fighter barbarian, wizard, rogue, druid, monk, paladin, and ranger classes so far. Each class would have a deck of class cards and a deck of challenges. A class deck will be the draw deck for that class. Players start with the same sort of basic 10 card hand as in Ascension then slowly build a roster from the class deck which will have upgraded resource cards, new abilities, etc. A unique resource is available to each class. For instance, wizards would earn mana while the rogue generates trickery. I’d like to come up with a level up mechanic that allows more powerful cards to be added to the deck after the game has been played some and would also function as a limiter on multi-classing.

The deck of challenges for each class gets shuffled together with a deck of generic challenges. Challenges will operate on some sort of timer so they must be dealt with or the heroes start taking damage (or some other lose condition). Some class challenges will require specific resources while other resources will be more generic. Whether this means that all heroes have some sort of generic resource or the cards just say “spend X class resource to resolve” isn’t something I’ve made a concrete decision about yet. Every challenge carries with it some sort of negative (deals damage, imposes restrictions, etc.) but also has a reward for when it is overcome. This will mean experience points much of the time but could also include magical items, gold, or other phat lootz.

So there we go. That’s a completely original game design outline brought to you by yours truly.

Peace out.


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