New Cooking and Retrying Recipes

Swan and I like to do a lot of cooking at home. For one thing, its’ cheaper and healthier than going out. For another, I really enjoy cooking while Swan is a very proficient home baker.

A few weeks ago we tried out a great recipe for a tomato meat sauce called Sunday Gravy. Apparently it’s a New York Italian-American thing, as confirmed by Short Dave. The sauce was created with crushed tomatoes and used three different types of meat – ribs, meatballs and Italian sausages. We both thought it was great but the meatballs were a bit salty. We bought some ice cube trays to store the extra sauce. We froze the sauce and put the cubes into a plastic bag. We can reuse the sauce in small portions in the future. Here’s hoping that works well for us.

Not being much for fake holidays, we stayed in tonight and made dinner. Swan loves lamb so we went with Shepherd’s Pie, something we’ve enjoyed in the past, and we tried some garlic potato soup that had turned out well previously. The Shepherd’s Pie turned out well, particularly because we didn’t have enough chicken broth for both the soup and the pie. We substituted beef broth in the pie tonight and it had much fuller flavor than before. I don’t like cooked peas so rather than just forgoing them as previously, we substituted corn. That added a lot of sweetness, perhaps too much. I did add half a bag (1 lb) rather than a cup. Swan thought it was too sweet, I’ll cut back the corn next time. The soup wasn’t as good this time but certainly not bad. Substituting milk for the cream may be the cause of that as the soup seemed thinner and grainier than previously. I’ll be investigating solutions to that so round 3 is up to par.

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