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As a writer and dungeon master, I am often looking at things from the perspective of the story I could tell. Novels, films, everyday occurrences and even other dungeon masters are my inspiration. Today I got to play in a game of D&D run by Occasional DM. Occasional DM is fantastic, good enough to the point where I wish he weren’t just occasional but maybe Frequent or Usual DM. Here are a few reasons why:

He has mastered the art of Making It Look Easy. Occasional DM doesn’t let us see him sweat. If there’s a rules question, he calls it and we move on. If a combat isn’t going the way he wants it to go, he adjusts things on the fly and we never notice.

Occasional DM is running a really interesting story. It’s all bound up in this mechanical feather the party discovered some time before I joined the group. The entire history is rather convoluted due to the rather fluid nature of the party/player make-up but it’s powerful, mysterious and apparently has ties to some pretty nasty stuff. Much of our adventure has consisted of trying to find new pieces of information about it.

All of the NPCs are interesting. I don’t mean some of them. I mean all of them. If we talk to an NPC, it’s a unique character with personality quirks and an implied history lurking beneath the surface.

Occasional DM has inspired and motivated me. I’ve been working on my own campaign ideas for a while but now I need to kick them into high gear. I start up as the DM again for my Friday night group in less than two weeks – I need to have The Pyramid of Shadows sufficiently modified for my time-traveling campaign. Off to work I go!

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