Exciting Things

There are a number of things coming up that have me excited.

Changes – Dresden Files book 12. I love this series. Jim Butcher has some great characters and his Chicago is so interesting. My only complaint about Jim is that he seems constitutionally incapable of writing good fiction in under 300 pages. The good thing about this is that he writes amazing serial fiction. The first book in a series by Jim is ok. It’s not bad but not necessarily thrilling. Watch out for the rest of the series, though. Dresden Files really picked up for me in books 5 and 6. Books 7 up through 10 held me by the throat. Book 11 was on par with books 5 and 6. Changes, I hope, is going to have a death grip on my interest again.

Dresden Files RPG – When I found out about this (somewhere between Dresden Files books 8 and 9) I squealed with joy. Then I bought Spirit of the Century and loved it. The chapter on game mastering is hands down the best I’ve ever read. The system is wonderful as it uses character motivations to drive the game. And apparently the DFRPG, to use the slang on the net, is better in every way. Better still is they have the Best Preorder Ever: Instant PDF when you preorder the books. How cool is that?

Iron Man 2 – This is where I expect the Great Marvel Comics Film Crossover kicks into high gear. The first Iron Man was great, which is good because we’d gone a few years without a good superhero flick. What I’m interested in is how they start to tie together all the new Marvel films together in preparation for The Avengers. Seriously, if you haven’t yet, watch the trailer. Mickey Rourke seems a really interesting villain and Downey Jr continues his spot-on Tony Stark.

Players Handbook 3 – Psionics! Warping the fabric of reality through sheer force of will! Psionics has always been a bit of a contentious topic with people – they either love it or hate it. Historically, I’ve done both. I love the idea of it but hate the implementation. The flavor of psions and psychic warriors in 3.x were great, the mechanics not so much. Aside from having a horribly broken power curve, the math was too fiddly. The psionics previews I’ve read for 4E seem much more balanced. Let me rend space-time and destroy the gods!

Dungeon Tiles Master Series – I was skeptical about the Dungeon Tiles products when I first heard about them. They didn’t really make sense to me. Then a DM used them at an LFR game I played in at GenCon and sold me. The Master Tiles adds a z-axis. Yes, please!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Beethoven’s Last Night Tour – Well, that’s a mouthful. They announced a spring tour in Minneapolis last November. My best friend and I were both very excited for a non-Christmas show. We both expected it to be a tour supporting Night Castle, as it is by far the newest album. As we left the concert, I made the comment, “I wish they’d do Beethoven’s Last Night, that’s easily my favorite album.” Lo and behold! the concert tour is just that. I bought tickets yesterday and have the best seats in the house for the Chicago show on April 17.

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