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So I’m catching up on TV shows. Been without broadcast television for a few years.

Chuck seems interesting. I’m about five episodes in and find it to be a good mix of action and comedy. My biggest complaint is how contrived many of the episodes and story arcs seem. Getting a top Chinese spy to defect? Yeah, that’ll happen.

Leverage seems similarly contrived. I remember watching TV in the 90s and feeling like entire shows were made of cardboard, as if I could push just a little and tear apart their reality. That feeling is coming back Leverage. Feel-good thieves? Eh.

Stargate: Universe is extremely different from the other Stargates. It’s less action oriented and more of a soap opera. Not bad, just not what I was expecting. The characters are interesting and I like the storytelling style of the show. This is my must-watch of the season.

I have to pass on Dexter because I can’t deal with serial killers.

Doctor Who remains a passion and Waters of Mars was seriously creepy. I’m sad to see Tennant step down but hopefully Smith will be good. It’s also good to see an actor prepare to leave the role and take the character further, push his boundaries. There is a nagging feeling I have that the entire “David is stepping down” thing is a bit of a hoax put on by the BBC.

That’s all for today, been busy packing and we watched “Star Trek” today since our copy arrived in the mail. We will be visiting family beginning tomorrow night all through Sunday. Hopefully I’ll have internet access. If not, I’ll try to write on my phone and grab some cell signal. We’ll be in the country so it’ll be dicey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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