Contest: Make an Archnemesis

PK Sullivan is giving away a PDF copy of the Marvel Heroic RPG! PK’s Friday night gaming group has just started a campaign using the Marvel Heroic RPG and we want you to design an archnemesis for one of the heroes. The winner will be chosen by the game group  and that villain will be used in the campaign as a nemesis for one of the heroes. Be sure to check out the descriptions of the heroes: Commander Turing, FadeMax Ace, and Zapnor.

You don’t need to own a copy of MHR to enter. We will handle all of the mechanical bits of the character. Your job is to send us the badass supervillain of your dreams (or nightmares). Fill out the form below. Lay on plenty of description of the superpowers and origin story. Don’t forget to tie the villain to a hero. After all, what is Magneto without Professor X?

Thank you to everyone who submitted! The contest is now closed and the winner will be announced on Friday, June 29th.

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