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Adepticon is a local convention focused on wargames. It’s been around since 2003 and has grown significantly. This was my first year attending and the convention’s first year in a larger space. The play hall seemed to me to be about half the size of GenCon’s vendor hall – which is to say still enormous.

An impressive number of games were being played and demoed. Standards like 40k, Flames of War, Malifaux, and Warmachine/Hordes were definitely popular but quite a few of the games were completely new to me. Wild West Exodus is a sci-fi/western/Reconstruction-era mashup with a great theme and incredible miniatures. Freeblades has Viking pirates and how can you not love that? Many, many more games were there. Too many for me to keep track of.

My Adepticon

I went to Adepticon to play X-Wing. There were three tournaments, one each day on Thursday through Saturday, in three different formats. Each tournament had prize support. Players could earn up to three copies of an alt-art Push the Limit if they placed high enough. Adepticon had acrylic range rulers made for the top four of each tournament that say Adepticon 2015 and the tournament name. Fantasy Flight Games also provided us with a Spring 2015 tournament kit for the first two tournaments. There were some random drawings for swag, the biggest prize being an X-Wing pilot’s helmet that’s approved costuming by the Rebel Legion.

Thursday was the Escalation tournament. I really enjoyed the format because it presents an interesting challenge for squad building. A normal game of X-Wing uses 100 point squads. Escalation begins with a 60 point squad and then adds 30 points in the successive three rounds of play. You have to keep all the ships and upgrades from previous rounds but you can spend points to upgrade ships you took in previous rounds.

Friday was a standard dogfight tournament with five rounds at 100 points.

Saturday was a team deathmatch tournament. Each team had a 150 point cap and both team members had to have between 70 and 80 points.

Unfortunately, the decision to go to Adepticon was late on my end so I didn’t have a team mate for the team deathmatch. Instead I played the first ever Imperial Assault tournament hosted by Fantasy Flight Games.

When I wasn’t playing X-Wing or Imperial Assault, I was talking about those games with the other players. The tournaments took enough of my time that I didn’t really have an opportunity to wander around to see other games. The Saturday events ended a bit early so I walked the vendor hall with some friends to look at all the cool minis games we weren’t going to buy.

I had a good time and I’m considering adding Adepticon to my schedule for next year. The draw for me is that I go there to play games – there aren’t panels or industry events or other things to distract me. I show up and I play nine games of X-Wing in two days.

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