Things Don’t Go Smooth

The first non-adventure supplement for the Firefly RPG has gone live on DriveThru. It’s called Things Don’t Go Smooth.



Much like with the Firefly RPG Corebook, I wrote the new Distinctions appearing in this book. Some of them get pretty far out there. Check out Bai Yin’s Distinctions on pg. 81 for really creepy stuff. The story of Bai Yin is a futuristic ghost story, something spacers tell to scare each other out in the black. She’s a young woman who simply appears on a ship. Rumor has it she never means anyone harm and always offers to trade secrets. People who deal with her plain swear she can speak with the dead. Those who cross her inevitably come to some terrible end. No one ever sees her twice.

I also wrote up the character sheets for the major GMCs. These get pretty weird, too. Program 741 (pg. 69) is a sentient computer virus that tries to hunt down Browncoats and wreck their ships. It has almost no physical or social ability but, wow, will it tear you up in pure intellectual challenges. There’s also an honest to goodness pirate queen in there, Tessa Barbossa (pg. 49).

Lastly, there’s an FAQ in this book! And I wrote it! It was a bit of a technical writing exercise and I had to sludge my way through all the internet forums I could find talking about Firefly. But it was worth it. I think it answers a lot of questions and can be very valuable to the players.

Things Don’t Go Smooth was a great book to work on and it let me branch out from just writing character Distinctions. I’m really happy to see it is now available for purchase and hope you all like it.

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