Firefly RPG Released

The day has come where I am a published RPG freelancer. The Firefly RPG core book went on sale today at DriveThruRPG ( You can buy it now. The print version is currently at the printer and should have a release date announced later this month.

This has been an incredibly exciting journey for me. I’d like to thank Mark Diaz Truman for bringing me in on the project and trusting me with the beating heart of the system. Monica Valentinelli has been wonderful as she guided the crew through the whole process. It’s been wonderful working with Dean Gilbert and Rob Wieland on the systems team.

The core book is only the beginning of the Firefly RPG. There are already some adventures on DriveThruRPG that you can buy and a number of supplements are in the works. I can’t wait for everyone to see the exciting things I’ve written in those books, too! My hat’s off to everyone who helped get the project to this point from Margaret Weis to the Browncoats who keep the Firefly fandom alive. You truly cannot take the sky from us.

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