Several weeks ago a man found himself in a field in western North Dakota with no memory of who or what he is. He struck out on foot and followed the road to the nearest town, a place known as Zap. The faded sign stuck with him and he began to think of himself as Zapnor. While in town minor calamities befell the people of Zap. The street lights went out, cars short circuited and there was even a minor house fire caused by electrical sparks from an outlet. It quickly became apparent that Zapnor was the cause of these electrical mishaps. The people of the town hurried the nameless stranger along his way.

Zapnor has traveled along I-94 since by hitchhiking or in whatever vehicle he could get by trading manual labor. The newspapers, magazines and TV ads he’s seen talk are all ablaze with Max Ace, the superhero of Chicago. If anyone can help Zapnor figure out who he is and why he has electrical powers, surely it’s Max Ace! He’s the greatest hero of the age.

It was late when Zapnor arrived in Chicago with no money and a moped running on fumes. He’d learned how to live rough it in the city when he passed through Minneapolis. Near Midway airport Zapnor found what he was looking for: an underpass with sleeping bags and other homeless people. As he settled in along the wall, he heard an enormous eruption from nearby. The mystery was irresistible. After all, if there’s an explosion in Chicago, surely Max Ace will show up to save the day!

If you’d like to write a nemesis for Zapnor, be sure to check out the archnemesis contest!

You can get a printer friendly PDF version of Zapnor here.

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PK Sullivan is a game designer and writer living in Chicago.
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