Max Ace

Maxwell Ace grew up on the west side of Chicago. He was an excellent student and talented athlete who earned a football scholarship to Northwestern University where he earned his degree in Business Administration. Shortly after graduating last year, Max travelled to New York City for a job interview with a chemical research lab. During his visit the being known only as Galactus appeared over the city and was only turned back by a group of superheroes calling themselves the Fantastic Four. A piece of debris fell from Galactus’ ship and struck Maxwell. The debris should have crushed the young man but the metal was imbued with the Power Cosmic – a power that flowed into Maxwell and gave him prodigious superpowers of his own.

Maxwell explored his powers for a time and quickly grew in fame as a hero. He successfully courted a group of sponsors willing to pay the new hero Max Ace to endorse their products – Wheaties, Calvin Klein, and Foster Defense Initiatives among them. Max soon designed his own costume and trademarked it as part of the Max Ace brand. Fame has been good to Max, who still makes an attempt to be a hero when he’s not living life in the fast lane. Mostly Monday through Wednesday, as the club scene is pretty dead early in the week.

His powers have brought him fame and fortune, but Max can’t help but think there must be more to his life than endorsements, nightclubs, and celebrity. He longs to prove himself a real hero but finds balancing his life as a celebrity and as a superhero difficult. While at home on a quiet night, Max Ace gets a phone call from his sponsors at Foster Defense Initiative. “You’re not all show are you? I mean, you’re a superhero, right? We’ve got a break-in at our facility over by Midway and need you to handle the situation.” Maybe you can be a superhero and a celebrity at the same time.

If you’d like to write a nemesis for Max Ace, be sure to check out the archnemesis contest!

You can get a printer friendly PDF version of Max Ace here.

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PK Sullivan is a game designer and writer living in Chicago.
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