There are mutants, a new species known as homo sapiens superior that is imbued with powers far beyond the rest of us. One mutant’s powers allow him to mimic the appearance and powers of any living creature as well as control darkness. Like many mutants, this man’s powers manifested as as a young teen during in a traumatic way. He doesn’t often discuss this with others, preferring to leave the story at, “I left and never went back.” After running away from home, he lived on the streets alone for a while before discovering the secret underground society of mutants known as the Morlocks. The Morlocks made their home in the tunnels beneath Chicago. They welcomed the young boy and gave him a new name: Fade.

Over time Fade learned to control his powers. He found a place amongst the Morlocks and became a productive member of their society. With his unique ability to mimic other people, Fade was able to travel among the people of the world above. Under various disguises he attended schools to learn skills the Morlock community needed. Fade trained as an EMT and tended the sick among his people for a time. He eventually decided that he could help the Morlocks most by earning them money. His powers gave him a unique edge in the world of corporate espionage and he quickly became known as an excellent spy, thief, and assassin. When a job calls for absolute discretion or the framing of a particular individual, Fade is the premier spy for the job.

With the money Fade earned from his illicit life, he was able to bring new prosperity to the Morlocks. The tunnels were renovated and repaired, beds and other amenities were obtained and the quality of life was overall improved. The lure of the life above draws at Fade. He is fortunate among the Morlocks in that he can move about freely in the wider world without fear or scorn. Fade doesn’t need to hide in the tunnels and that makes it difficult for him to stay.

Still, life in the criminal underworld is dangerous and Fade doesn’t always have the choice to work alone. His latest job is to get a group of superpowered thugs into the Foster Defense Initiative manufacturing plant undetected. What could go wrong?

If you’d like to write a nemesis for Fade, be sure to check out the archnemesis contest!

You can get a printer friendly PDF version of Fade here.

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