Commander Turing

Matt Foster was born to a life of privilege. The Foster family made its fortune during the first World War with Foster Munitions. Since then the family business has grown to be one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world and a primary supplier for NATO forces. The Foster fortune is the stuff of legend and Matt was poised to lead the way into a new century of weapons technology. He is something of a technological prodigy, having graduated cum laude from MIT at 19 and holding over 250 technology patents before the age of 30.

The Foster fortune was not built on goodwill. Matt had reconciled himself to the fact that his company, his family even, made weapons. It was a great shock to him when he discovered that they were selling arms to terrorist cells, pirates, and anyone else who had the money to pay the exorbitant prices the Fosters charged. The proof of the illegal arms sales was destroyed before Matt could bring it to the authorities. Instead, he split from Foster Defense Initiatives (FDI) and formed his own technology company: FosTech. Matt took his patents with him and began a new line of research into anti-gravity technology and advanced artificial intelligence. The research has led to a series of highly advanced drones that are able to fly and project energy beams. Realizing the potential danger of these drones, Matt designed a control chip that he had implanted in his own head. The broadcast range of the control signal is limited to a few hundred feet so Matt must stay near his drones for them to function.

Matt used his drones to attack the underworld and destroy illegal FDI weapons depots and ruin his family’s underworld reputation. Realizing how dangerous this work is, he designed a jetpack and personal forcefield that he wears while in the guise of Commander Turing. A helmet obscures his face and gives his enemies the impression that Commander Turing needs his helmet to control the drones. The public at large is mostly unaware of Commander Turing but the underworld has learned to fear the man with “robots,” as the uneducated criminals mistakenly call his drones.

The adventures of Commander Turing have drawn the attention of a variety of high level governmental and underworld organizations around the world. He is entering a much wider, more dangerous world than he could possibly imagine.

Matt Foster is a highly intelligent and capable inventor. He possesses a strong sense of justice but is naïve, only discovering the dark side of human nature recently. His greatest weakness is his claustrophobia and he hates large crowds. His alter ego Commander Turing is an expression of his sense of justice and strong morality.

While working in his lab, the alarms Matt Foster planted in his family’s manufacturing facility go off suddenly. Some calamity has struck FDI! Commander Turing flies to investigate with his drones.

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