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Sorry for the lengthy hiatus – we are finally all moved and settled into a new apartment. There is still some unpacking to be done but we are in our new permanent residence. Tonight my gaming group got together for the first time in over a month. We are abandoning the Serenity campaign, as it was kind of a drag for some of the players. Instead we will be running a Marvel Heroic RPG campaign. Tonight was character creation. Here are the four heroes the guys came up with:

Commander Turing

Commander Turing is a genius inventor. He created a series of robot drones that he is able to control through a short-range communications chip implanted in his head. In battle, Commander Turing controls a small squad of drones armed with ion blasts, super strength and missile systems. As a claustrophobic, he refuses to wear a restrictive suit of armor and instead has created a jetpack with a built-in force field generator. When not saving the world, he is the owner and chief engineer for a major technology company. The status of his secret identity is somewhat in flux, as he is both very poor at keeping it a secret and the public debates his true identity.

Mechanically, Commander Turing has two power sets. The first represents his robots with blasters, missiles and super strength. The robots enjoy the burst SFX and the Conscious Activation limit. The second powerset represents the Commander’s personal jetpack and force field generator. It has flight D6 and Godlike Durability with the invulnerability SFX and gear limit.

Max Ace

Maxwell Ace came by the power cosmic by accident. During one of the great battles over New York City with alien forces, he was struck by a piece of debris and given tremendous powers. He has the basic comprehensive übermensch package: strength, durability, super speed, flight, and enhanced senses. Max realized he could do a lot of good with his powers but felt he could do more good if he was given a bit more incentive and courted a number of corporate sponsors. His lucrative endorsement deals cover a wide variety of products. “Before a hard day of saving the world, I always be sure to eat my Wheaties. They give me an Ace up my sleeve!” “It’s a good thing those punks were only using regular .45s. If they’d been using Dubertech ion blasters, I might have been in trouble.” Max is self-centered and loves the spotlight.

Powers for Max Ace all fall under a single power cosmic power set with the multipower and Unleashed SFX. His limit is Exhausted.


Fade is  a mutant gifted with the remarkable ability to mimic the appearance and powers of other individuals. He was raised in the Morlock community beneath the streets of New York City but has ventured far and wide. He has a unique ability to blend in with the outside world. Fade’s abilities made him useful as a spy and he has used his skills as such.

As a mutant, Fade has only a single power set. The powers include mimic, shapeshifting, and darkness control. his limit is Mutant and he has the afflict SFX.


Zapnor possesses immense electrical powers but has almost no memory of who or what he is outside of that limited scope. He named himself but unknowingly has a speech impediment where the second syllable of his name comes out as a burst of static. This has led to no one, not even his team mates, fully understanding what his name is and constantly getting it wrong. Zapnor has two quests: to become a full member of the team and to discover information about his past.

The number of powers Zapnor commands is impressive. He has powerful electric blasts, intangibility (he becomes a standing electric field when struck with force), electrical control, and a godlike resistance to electrical attacks. They are all in a single power set. His SFX include counter attack (when struck in melee, the attacker gets zapped) and electrical absorption. His limit is Uncontrollable.

These all seem like really interesting characters and I can’t wait to see what the guys do with them. Time to peruse the available events!

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