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Marvel Heroic RPG

It looks like I’ll be getting a chance to play Marvel on Friday. My regular group wants to take a one-week hiatus from our Serenity campaign of failure* because one of the guys can’t make it. His character is very colorful and the GM wants to focus on that backstory so we’re going to try Marvel. Yay! So far one guy has called dibs on Spider-Man and another has expressed great dismay that there isn’t an official Deadpool. The third player hasn’t chimed in yet.

I will be running the Breakout Event in the Basic Game so look for a full write-up of that afterward. I may even ask the guys if the mind me recording the audio and then do an actual play of it. I don’t know yet. I typically can’t stand actual plays so it would be weird for me to put one out there.

If you haven’t yet, go check out the new example of play on the official Margaret Weis Productions site. It’s really easy to read and functions as a great, great example of how the dice system works.

Mass Effect Hack

The first revision, v0.2, is up and I’ve amended the datafiles for Kaiden and Ashley to be compliant with the rules changes. The last three companions will go up this week, with a double feature on Friday.

Starting on Monday, I will start outlining my creative process for making an Event using the main story arc in Mass Effect as the basis. Right now I have it broken into seven distinct acts:

  • Act 1: Exposing Saren
  • Acts 2, 3, & 5: Feros, Noveria, and Therum
  • Act 4: Virmire
  • Act 6: Escaping the Citadel and Ilos
  • Act 7: Battle of the Citadel

Those are the major missions of the game after Shepard is exposed to the beacon on Eden Prime and the course of events have been set. I’ll be honest and say that my goal right now is to have the Event be a bit more open-ended than the video game in a few fun ways. I’m looking forward to it and I’ve been reading the Understanding Events chapter to really get into the gritty details in preparation. This weekend I will be writing up Act 1 and hopefully more. We’ll see how my apartment hunting goes.

Other RPGs

I’m a big fan of Dungeon World. The app came out a few months back and I nabbed it for the iPhone. As someone who’s a bit of a futurist I am both incredibly excited with the Dungeon World app and incredibly frustrated with it. I’m also increasingly frustrated with static PDFs of game books now. At the February Jank on Demand, I was given a chance to play Dungeon World when Kevin Wieser of The Walking Eye ran a game of it. That was a lot of fun. The game played quick and was very evocative. The amount of control afforded players at the table was really quite nice. Sage & Adam just released Beta 2 to the Adventurer’s Guild and I’m really pumped to read through that when I get a chance.

Apocalypse World is one of those games that you have to at least read if you want to talk about cutting edge game design. While I’m not a big fan of Vincent Baker’s setting material, the game itself is really interesting. I picked that up over the weekend and I’m slowly reading through it. It’s a lot bigger than I thought. I grabbed the PDF so I could print it and keep it in a binder. Little did I realize that it’s 300+ pages. Oh, well, it has two pages per side of a letter page so it only runs around 80 printed sheets. That’s now in a three-ring binder with printed and folded playsets for everything I got with the game.

Stay Tuned

I’ve got lots of great stuff coming, so stay tuned and please give me feedback!


*The premise of the campaign is PC failure, the campaign is not a failure.

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