Ashley Williams, Human Marine

Today I continue my series of characters from the Mass Effect universe converted over to my Marvel Heroic RPG hack. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check that out for some context. I started the character series yesterday with Kaiden Alenko, a human biotic and lieutenant in the Alliance military. Today I round out the human element of Shepard’s squad from the first game with Gunnery Sergeant Ashley Williams.

The Williams family has a long history of military service. Ashley’s father was an enlisted serviceman. His frequent deployments led his four daughters to grow close to one another and have a strong family ties. After high school, Ashley followed in her father’s footsteps and distinguished herself during training. Her instructors took note of her for her tenacity and strength of character. Despite here exemplary leadership and skills she, like her father, was passed over for promotion because of a family stigma: her grandfather, General Williams, was the first human officer to surrender to alien forces during the First Contact War. This has stunted the military advancement of his descendants.

Gunnery Sergeant Williams was stationed on Eden Prime when the geth, led by Saren Arterius, attacked the colony for the recently uncovered Prothean beacon. Ashley was the only member of her squad left alive after the initial assault. She managed to come across Shepard’s squad shortly after they lost Corporal Richard Jenkins to a geth drone attack. Williams’ combat expertise helped Shepard and Alenko complete their mission, despite the fact that Shepard was exposed to the beacon, which subsequently exploded, because of Ashley. She was assigned to the Normandy under Shepard’s command immediately following the mission on Eden Prime.

Ashley Williams, Human Marine

Relationships: Shepard D10 – Kaiden D8 – Garrus D6 – Tali D4 – Wrex D6 – Liara D4

Distinctions: Tough as Nails – Natural Leader – Williams Family Heritage

Assault Rifle D8 – Stock Strike D6
SFX. Burst Mode: Step up or double an Assault Rifle die against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and an additional die for your total.
SFX. Overkill: Target multiple enemies. Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.
Limit. Two-handed Weapons: Shut down M7 LANCER ASSAULT RIFLE to activate SCIMITAR SHOTGUN. Shutdown SCIMITAR SHOTGUN to activate M7 LANCER ASSAULT RIFLE.

Shotgun D10 – Stock Strike D6
SFX. Carnage: Step up or double Shotgun for one action. If the attack fails, add a D10 to the Doom Pool.
SFX. Close Quarters: Add a D6 to your die pool for an attack action and step back the highest die in the pool by -1. Step up physical stress inflicted by +1.
Limit: Two-handed Weapons: Shut down SCIMITAR SHOTGUN to activate M7 LANCER ASSAULT RIFLE. Shutdown M7 LANCER ASSAULT RIFLE to activate SCIMITAR SHOTGUN.
Limit. Overheat: Shut down Shogun and gain 1 PP after making an attack action using the Carnage SFX. Take an attack action that does not use Shotgun to recover.

Durability D10 – Enhanced Strength D8 – Enhanced Stamina D8
SFX. Medi-gel Injection: Before you make an action with Enhanced Stamina, you may move your physical stress die to the Doom Pool and step up the Enhanced Stamina die by +1.
SFX. Hardened Shell: Spend 1PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from physical attacks.
Limit. Gear: Shut down STANDARD ISSUE ALLIANCE BODY ARMOR and gain 1 PP. Take an action against the Doom Pool to recover.

Combat Master D10, Menace Expert D8

Outlook: Paragon D6 – Renegade D10

Milestone: Earn Your Billet
1xp when you are reminded that you are the last of the 212 or question your right to be on the Normandy.
3xp when a squadmate willingly helps you out of a jam.
10xp when you dispel any doubts that you had about belonging to Shepard’s crew or you leave the Normandy for another post.

Milestone: Greater Place in the Galaxy
1xp when you criticize a non-human squadmate or question their loyalty.
3xp when you question your assumptions about the roles other species play in the galaxy.
10xp when you accept non-humans as allies or push for them to be removed from the squad.

There you go! That’s Ashley Williams. I tried to give her a fair shake even though she’s my least favorite character in the series. Up next is a grizzled old veteran of a krogan that you may find familiar.

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