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I spent the better part of a week sitting on a snow covered hillside staring into the forest recently. It gave me time to think. A lot of time to think. While I was pondering and ruminating, I came up with a couple of ideas for small RPGs.

The first is a game about professional wrestling. The idea is that the surface appearance of pro wrestling (the drama, the rivalries, the cheating, backstabbing, Jerry Springer sideshow) is very much real. Players create young, idealistic wrestlers chasing after glory. They’ll train, get into matches, form and lose relationships,  appeal to the crowd, and generally try to stay good people in the middle of an insane, dirty politics disaster of an organization. Can they stand the test of time with their character intact or will they fall from grace as they chase after the belt? I don’t even like pro wrestling and I think this would be a ton of fun to play.

The second game is an MMA game. This would be more of a fight simulator with a title track. I don’t quite know how it would work yet but I want the resolution mechanic to be based on Rock-Paper-Scissors when simulating the fights. This game would have to take injuries pretty seriously, having significant injuries negatively impact the character for a number of fights. That could seriously hamper a chance at the title. The idea here is that the drama comes from the investment in the training and the effort one puts into the fight.

Lastly, I thought some more about a game idea that’s been knocking around my noggin for a while. It’s a superhero role playing game where the first game session is character creation and follows the origin story of your hero. It more follows the idea of superheroes as the protagonists of morality plays than the Wham! Pow! action hero sort of thing. One of the character stats will be the ideal that the hero personifies. The game will seek to challenge the character on that particular axis.

Certainly plenty to keep me busy. Who knows? Maybe I’ll finish one of these!

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