Ambitions – They can get the better of you

I’ve been working solidly on the super hero RPG I wrote about two weeks ago. The big breakthrough was that I hit a point in the design of the overall system where characters can be massively flexible within the framework of my chosen system of 4th Edition D&D. Flexibility is good, especially with a superheroes game. It allows characters to choose what their powers look like while giving them the freedom of fulfilling any role in the game. Additionally, classes are not bound to power sources as they are in D&D. That works with D&D, it helps define a class in a way that is meaningful. Super heroes are a little more open ended than that and it felt artificial and restrictive when power sources were linked to classes.
The downside to flexibility is the sheer amount of content that will need to be produced for my game. After crunching some numbers, I realized that this game will have roughly the same amount of content as 23.5 fully prepped classes in D&D. At present, I have 12 classes, 35 power frameworks and 4 power sources. These all fit together into a system that is actually easy to work and provides options in a very organic way. On the other hand, it means that i have to plan out nearly 200 pages worth of paragon paths on top of all the powers.
Yowza. I have my work cut out for me, don’t I?

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