When power gaming ruins role playing

I’ve been replaying Mass Effect. Again.

My thought this time was to give the power gaming and insanity difficulty a shot. There is a GameFAQ that describes the process by which you can obtain a maxed out charm/intimidate skill without ever spending points on the skill. Sounds great, right? By maxing out your combat skills and replaying the same character, you get maximum charm!

Here’s the problem: I didn’t like the story. The choices I made weren’t the choices I wanted to make. My previous playthroughs have all focused on being the most persuasive person i can manage to be and using that to full advantage. When not spending points on charm/intimidate, I am forced in my first play through with this character to make choices that aren’t how I want to resolve situations. Jhong gets shot on Feros. Jahleed goes to jail. It’s just not satisfying. After eleven hours (level 42), I dropped out of that game and started over.

This time I’m going to play the way I like to play, not get experimental. Shepard is going to be my Shepard, power gaming be damned.

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